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Now you can have your own wearable device that is both an air cooler and air cleaner at the same time – order Blaux personal conditioning fan today and enjoy premium quality on a budget and FREE SHIPPING within Uganda!

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How many times have you wished you had an air conditioner just for you? We’re almost certain that this is a thought that crosses everyone’s mind every once in a while, especially on a hot summer day while being stuck in a poorly-cooled office or in a car. How great would it be to have an air-cooling device that blows cool air directly at you? Even better – a device that simultaneously purifies the air around you! It’s no longer a dream because Blaux recently introduced their amazing AC device that hangs around your neck and also eliminates bacteria in vicinity while keeping you cool and refreshed.

Blaux offers a high-quality device that you’ll quickly fall in love with. It’s a number one item during that unbearable summer heat and it can also come in handy if you have allergies since Blaux reduces the amount of bacteria, germs, and other air particles around you so that you get to breathe clean and fresh air.


  • 1.9 cubic feet per minute – Blaux can direct up to 1.9 cubic feet of air in one minute towards your body
  • Positionable air flow – you can use Blaux in any position you want. Maybe you want direct airflow to your body or simply you want to bounce it off the shirt? It’s up to you!
  • Three speed modes – Blaux has three fan speed modes you can choose from depending on what you want at that particular moment
  • 30 hours working time – once fully charged, Blaux can work non-stop for an impressive timespan of 30 hours!
  • Low maintenance – this device is super easy to take care of and doesn’t require much time to clean it
  • Antibacterial filters – Blaux has built-in filters that help reduce the amount of bacteria in the air surrounding you
  • Built-in ionizer – the ionizer inside the fan is there to reduce the pollutants and allergens so that you get clean breathing environment
  • USB-C charging – Blaux requires the most common type of charger therefore you can be almost certain that you’ll be able to find the right one whenever you need it
  • LED light – the built-in LED light serves as an indication for power and charging status
  • Easy to use – simply put it around your neck, press the “on” button, and enjoy the invaluable perks of this brilliant device
  • Cost-effective – Blaux is a high-quality device at a reasonable price so that anyone can enjoy their personal air conditioner


This wearable AC is powered by a 3000 mAh lithium ion battery. For cooling purposes Blaux contains a thermal electric cooling plate that has two sides. When the DC electric current flows through heat is moved from one side to another. Naturally this means that one side gets cooler than the other. The hot side has an attached heat sink in order to maintain ambient temperature, meanwhile that cooler side drops below room temperature. When you run the device, the cool air is delivered through the vents onto your body keeping you cool.

Now you might wonder how this tiny device purifiers the air. It’s all thanks to the built-in antibacterial filters and an ionizer that spreads ozone into the air. These ozone molecules latch onto air particles, like pollutants or pathogens, thus making them heavier and this, in turn, makes these particles drop to the earth and disappear from your breathing area.


Is there even a question? Blaux is for everyone, especially owing it to the 5-degree flex fit for all neck sizes. Thanks to that Blaux can be worn by everyone, even young children. It was made to suit everyone’s needs. It’s especially beneficial for people from hot climates or highly-polluted areas that are concerned about the air quality around them. To put it simply, anyone can find something useful for them in this incredible Blaux device!


Absolutely! It’s an item you’ll find irreplaceable once you get to experience the advantages it offers. Not to forget that it doesn’t cost a fortune! Being reliable, effective, and affordable, Blaux wearable AC is one of the best devices of this kind! Give it a go and you’ll never regret opting for this device! Staying cool and healthy is easy with Blaux.


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Blaux is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.