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The new Blaux product is absolutely incredible and definitely a must for everyone! We’re talking about the wearable AC that also filters the air around you so that you get to breathe air that is free from any harmful air particles and bacteria. This device is perfect in all terms, from the design to its effectiveness. It’s a device that you’ll most likely deem a heavenly invention when being stuck in a hot office, car, or any other place where it seems to be way too hot. Who wouldn’t want a personal air conditioner in situations like these? With Blaux you can enjoy your own air conditioner and stay cool even in the hottest environments.

We’re sure you’ll quickly fall in love with this device once you get to experience the advantages of this wearable AC yourself. Let’s not forget that it’s more than just an air-cooling device. It will also clean and filter the air and you will surely appreciate these features in the long run.

What makes Blaux so special?

It’s not only the amazing cooling and air-purifying effect that makes this device unique. It’s a combination of features that make the usage of this device comfortable and convenient. You can adapt this device to your neck size, choose the desired airflow, charge it easily, and enjoy it for 30 hours in a single charge! It’s an attention-worthy device that will not let you down.

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It is time to take air conditioning and air purifying to the next level with Blaux! For a limited time, Blaux is running a promo that allows you to get this innovative device 50% OFF with FREE SHIPPING!

Blaux can be purchased in 4 SIMPLE steps:

  • Select your country from the list;
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